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Everyone has a Talent

If you are one of the talents to be selected to join Radical Rethink!, you will enjoy the resources and experiences at SDU relevant to your personal talent development.

What is a Talent?

We believe that everyone has a talent. Your talent is what you can do effortlessly, where others have to put in lots of energy to achieve the same. Using your talent fills you with energy and joy. In current day societies, some talents are more visible than others; some talents are better paid than others, and some talents could bring benefits to many. To fully use your talent, you should know how to express, and not least trust in, what your specific talent contribution is. Therefore, Radical Rethink! asks applicants to include a talent statement in the application letter. 

Our Vision for Talent Development

At Radical Rethink!, we want you to fully recognise and use your talent, and we want you to combine your talent with complementary talents from other disciplines to create a new larger whole through interdisciplinary synergy. Therefore, being a valuable talent, you and your project team's work and progress will be exposed and acknowledged on the Radical Rethink! webpage for the interest of relevant stakeholders.

Last Updated 07.11.2019