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Questionas and answer about SU


SU is a Danish state grant for education.
The grant is given monthly to fulltime students.

Further information about the SU scheme can be found here.

As a foreign citizen, you must fulfil specific conditions in order to be granted equal status with Danish citizens and receive SU.
That means you have to make two applications; one for SU and one for equal status.
Information about equal status requirements can be found here.

All applications must be made through minSU on 
In order to login and apply you must have a danish CPR number and NemID. If you do not have a danish CPR number and a NemID yet, please contact your municipality.

You can access the application for equal status by clicking on the receipt page when you have applied for SU. The application for equal status can also be found here: -  minSU -  Søg SU - Application for equal status (foreign citizens)

Applications about equal status and disability supplement are processed by the SU Agency, and it is also the SU Agency you should contact, if you need guidance about those issues. The SU Agency’s contact details can be found here.

If you questions regarding SU (that is not about equal status or disability supplement), please contact the local SU office at SDU on SPOC
Once your application has been processed, you will receive notice on your eBoks.
Processing time can exceed but is expected to be around 2 to 4 weeks.
Yes. When you receive SU, there are restrictions on how much you can earn beside your SU.
If your private earnings exceeds the allowed yearly amount (fribeløb), you risk having to pay back some, or all of your SU.
Information about private earnings can be found here.
If you wish to deselect your SU, either permanently or for a period, please go to - minSU - Rette i din SU - Fravælg SU
Deadline for deselection SU for a month is the 15th in the previous month
The SU Agency must be informed immediately if you stop working.
Please contact the SU Agency as described here.
The SU Agency must be informed about your holidays.
Contact details and information regarding holidays rules can be found
The SU Agency must be informed if you get a new job, or a new contract for your current job.
You do not have to apply for “equal status” again, but the new documentation must be submitted to the SU Agency so they can reassess your case.
Contact details can be found here
Yes, if you receive SU, you can obtain a loan from the state.
Conditions and interest can be found here.
Yes. During the Covid-19 pandemic a series of initiatives with regards to SU were issued.
Learn more here

Last Updated 07.02.2024