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Guidelines for the use of IT - students

 As a student, you must follow SDU’s guidelines for the use of IT. In the guidelines, you can find out more about what is allowed and what is not allowed when using SDU equipment, networks and systems. 

The guidelines apply to all students, and you can keep yourself informed on MitSDU. IT includes equipment, networks, systems, applications, etc.

Learn the following 10 pointers for using IT, and you’ll be ready to get cracking. You must/can: 

  1. Use IT in compliance with common sense and consideration for students, staff and other partners.
  2. Ensure that the use of IT does not damage SDU’s reputation. 
  3. As a rule, only use IT to solve tasks related to your studies at SDU. 
  4. Make sure that only you use the user ID you have been assigned. If you choose to share your user ID in violation of the rules, you are responsible for any actions taken by the borrower. 
  5. Not circumvent SDU’s security measures unless doing so is a part of a planned teaching and learning activity. 
  6. Not stream, download or similarly exploit copyrighted material (e.g. movies) via SDU’s network. 
  7. Not send mass emails (e.g. questionnaires).
  8. Use IT provided by SDU for limited private use, within the limits of the law and rights, as long as it is not commercial. For example, you may not use SDU’s licence for SurveyXact to sell questionnaires in your private company, but you may use SDU’s Microsoft Office licence to make a presentation for your cousin’s confirmation.
  9. Only use electronic resources (e-books, journals, etc.) for studying, teaching and research. 
  10. Consider what private items you store on your SDU email or other storage solutions, as SDU is required to keep track of what activities are taking place on SDU’s networks, systems, etc.

Violation or attempted violation will be handled according to the rules on disciplinary action against students at SDU. If you have any questions about the guidelines or are unsure how to proceed in a specific situation, please contact Service Desk.  

You can read the full guidelines here. 

Last Updated 07.02.2024