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Do you need some counseling?

Do you need a counseling or have questions? 

Send us an email eller call us at 65501801 (monday + wednesday from 10-12).

FAQ about counseling sessions

You book a counselling session with us by writing an email to

In the mail you make a brief description of your problem and what you want to get out of the counselling session.

Also write your phone number so we can call you and arrange time and place over the phone.

Remember to write from your student e-mail, so we can ensure you safe digital communication.

Book the counselling session by phone

You are also welcome to call us at 6550 1801 manday and wednesday between 10-12 am

Book the counselling session at Student Service in Odense

It is also an option between 10-14 on weekdays to book the counselling session at Student Service in Odense

Would you rather meet us face to face or online?

We offer both face-to-face counselling session at every SDU campus and online counselling session over the phone or via a TEAMS connection. It is entirely up to you what you prefer. But most often it is the least waiting time for the online sessions.

  • If  you choose a face-to-face counselling session at any SDU campus you can open the "How to find us" tap, in order to see where the location of the session will be. You will also find a link to the location in the confirmation e-mail we sent you, when booking the session. 
  • If you choose an online TEAMS session, we will send you a calendar request with the TEAMS link.
  • If you choose a telephone session, we will call you on the day.

The framework for a counselling session

The meeting is set for 45 min. We start with you and your situation. We would like to help you get new perspectives on your challenges, wishes, concerns, dreams, thoughts about the future, etc. It's your time, so we focus on what is on your mind. This counselling session is yours, so the topic of our session is up to you.  

Can I get more than one session?

Yes you can. We always assess together whether it makes sense to book another session.

Do I need to prepare something?

It is always a good idea that you have considered in advance what you want out of the counselling session. But we know your situation can be so messy that it can be difficult to answer in advance. This is why we always start our sessions by examining exactly what the focus and the outcome should be for the counselling session.

Here is just a small selection of the topics we can discuss

  • Deal with the unforeseen; eg. illness, a failed exam, that you are stuck in your progress or that the study group is not working
  • A talk about doubt; Is it the right study programme, is your combination the right one, options and choices along the way
  • Maintain or strengthen your motivation for studying
  • Optimize your study technique and exam management
  • Get your workday structured and help you create a good balance in everyday life
  • Get a good bachelor and thesis process
  • And then we have an overview of the many possibilities for support and guidance that are otherwise available at SDU

We are a good place to go first

If you are experiencing problems that you do not know who can help you, then we are a good place to go first. We can help you create an overview, and possibly find the  other departments you need to talk to.

We are a central counselling service for all students at SDU

We provide counselling service from a central perspective, that is, we counsel on general topics, and also have a good knowledge of where you can get the more subject-specific counselling services related to your study environment.

All students at SDU can contact us. So you do not need a referral or similar to talk to us.

We are an anonymous counselling

It means :

  • You don't have to tell us who you really are.
  • You do not need to tell us your CPR number or study number.
  • We do not journal our conversation, unless it has a nature of casework, or  if we inform you about rules and regulations that you cannot find on our website.
  • We have a duty of confidentiality. But if you tell us about an illegal incident, then we have a duty to report.


Face-to-face counselling sessions

Online counselling sessions

  • Telephone: We call you when the session starts
  • TEAMS: We send you a TEAMS-link in a calendar call for a meeting sometime before the session starts 

Last Updated 07.02.2024