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Your Study Board

See deadlines, meeting dates, agendas, reports and members of the Study Board here.

What can I use the Study Board for?
You may apply to the Study Board for exemption if exceptional circumstances keep you from living up to the regulations of your programme. You may also apply for credits if, for instance, you want to do a course under another faculty or at another university.

You may help improve your programme
Furthermore,  the Study Board also deals with proposed changes to your programme, appeals and continuously optimizing your programme. If you have suggestions for changes to your programme, you may send them to the Study Board. In other words, the Study Board is a democratic body, where you as a student can have a say and have influence on the future of your programme. 

The Study Board is obliged to observe professional secrecy!
If you need to apply for exemption, you may have very personal reasons to do so. You may have to explain these reasons to the Study Board because they need a valid justification to grant the exemption. Naturally, you may find it uncomfortable having to mention your private conditions, but you should know that the Study Board members must observe professional secrecy.


                 Do you need to contact your Study Board Secretary?     

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Last Updated 06.03.2024