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Conditions for sabbatical leave

Who has the right to a sabbatical leave?

You can apply for sabbatical leave if you are admitted to a full-time programme. If you are admitted to a part-time programme or open university, you are not covered by the rules for sabbatical leave. Please contact your part -time programme for information on how to pause your programme.  

You will automatically be granted leave, if it is based on

The university may also grant a sabbatical leave:

Possibility of leave without reason

As of January 1, 2024, you have the option to be granted leave without reason for up to one semester. The conditions for being granted leave without reason are:

  • That you have completed the first year of your bachelor's degree or the first half-year of your master's degree
  • That during your total educational program at SDU, you have not previously been granted leave without reason, or
  • That within a continuous period of 6 years, you have not been granted leave without reason

Requirement of passed ECTS to be granted a sabbatical leave

You need to have passed the first year of your bachelor education or the first half year of your master’s degree programme before sabbatical leave can be granted. Unless extraordinary circumstances exist. Link to the rules about extraordinary circumstances.

Other rules that may affect the possibility of leave

There may be other rules that prevent you from being granted leave, even if you meet the conditions for leave.

This may be the case if you:

  • Have not passed the study start test
  • Have not passed the first-year exam
  • Have used up your trial attempts in one or more course elements
  • Are enrolled in the thesis or graduation project
  • Have crossed the time limit for when you must have completed your education


Do you need support?

Contact Educational Law & Registration if you have any questions regarding the above mentioned rules. You can do this either via or by calling at 65501059 (between 10 a.m. and 12 a.m.).

Contact Student Services if you have questions about SU, Admission, SDU international, Syddansk Elite,  SPS and other services at SDU.

Contact the counselling at your studies if you need specific knowledge related to your study eg. knowledge about your study plan or how to write a dispensation application.

Contact the General Study counselling if you need guidance concerning general study topics such as study techniques, well-being or simply just find it hard to know who to go to with your questions.

Last Updated 07.02.2024