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Rooms in Campus House

The rooms in Campus House have countrified views, and the twists and turns of the building ensure that rooms are not overlooked by the neighbours, ensuring privacy. Each room has its own balcony too.

Campus House has 3 different types of rooms:

The single rooms at Campus House, Odense are furnished with designer furniture, so all you need to bring are personal belongings.

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In the background is the entrance of the apartment with storage, sink and fridge. On the left wall are shelves and a desk. Along the right wall is the dining nook and a sofa bed.

The double rooms at Campus House, Odense are fit for up tp 2 people and are all furnished with designer furniture, so you only need bring your personal belongings.

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The left side og the image shows the aparment's dining nook with kitchenette. The right side shows the aparments living area with sofa bed along the left wall and built in closets to separate from the dining area.

The ease-of-access rooms at College House, Odense are made for people, who have special needs because of physical handicaps. The rooms are, for example, suitable for wheelchair users.

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The image shows the living area. To the left is the door to the bathroom. In the centre is a sofa bed, lamp and chair and to the right is the panoramic view and exit to the balcony.


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Campus House

  • Campusvej 1
  • Odense M - DK-5230

Last Updated 11.04.2024