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Common areas

When you exit the room and approach the shared kitchen in the middle, the areas become gradually more communal: First, there is a shared lounge as a transition to the shared space and as a social meeting point with opportunities to get together for the small cluster of seven rooms that the residences are divided into.

Furthest in is the kitchen, which is shared by the whole storey and has a glass façade to ensure there is light as well as views in three directions.

The outdoor areas around Campus House are also designed for spending time together, with green areas for relaxing or for activities.

  • The kitchens are fully equipped for general food preparation and kitchen use.
  • There is a shared dining table for each cluster of seven (which can be mixed among the groups sharing the storey).
  • Living room with soft, designer furniture.
  • Shared flat-screen TV (connected to Apple TV – i.e. students can select their own content).
  • There are also shared balconies (3 per storey) in the shared spaces.
  • The outdoor areas: terraces/social spaces, beach volleyball, a basketball court, lakeside sites (to be landscaped in the autumn – i.e. they will not be ready in time for 1 September).


  • The ground floor will have the following facilities:
  • Café (with snacks and coffee, with a café and lounge area).
  • Postboxes.
  • Office functions: The University’s housing office and caretaker’s residence (both are available for students to request help).
  • Launderette (operated via student ID card).

Upper storeys

The upper storeys will have the following facilities:

  • Communal area/group room, sky bar (for events), and two research residences.
  • There are various (staggered) roof terraces with green areas.
  • Shared areas / group rooms will be included in SDU's conference center in the daytime, but can be used for joint activities in the evening.


  • There are three lifts in the building.
  • Access to the building and to the launderette is via the SDU student ID card.
  • The site will have 8 parking spaces.
  • The future light railway will stop at Campus House.


Campus House

  • Campusvej 1
  • Odense M - DK-5230

Last Updated 28.05.2022