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Student life in Esbjerg

See also SDU Esbjerg's facilities.

Esbjerg is characterized by offshore industry and ambitious renewable energy projects.

A 10-minute bike ride from the city center you find SDU Esbjerg. The buildings offer highly specialized research environments, inspiring gathering places and a good framework for teaching. SDU Esbjerg has about 900 students and 120 employees, and the university is in close collaboration with the local business community. At SDU Esbjerg you will find exciting international education in a challenging and professional environment - all targeted at the international job market. Half of our students are from abroad, so you become part of an international network from day one.

There are a number of educational institutions with other students like you in Esbjerg, eg Aalborg University Esbjerg and UC SYD. You can read more about the student life at Study in Esbjerg, which is a portal for all the city's students.

Open doors and easy access to help

At SDU Esbjerg we make a great effort to make you feel comfortable as a student. We have close contact with each student, and the teachers have a high degree of open-door policy. This means that it will quickly become natural to contact the teacher if you have problems. The request can be made either in connection with the course, at campus in general, and by e-mail.


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Last Updated 28.05.2022