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Internship in a StartUp

 Are you interested in being an entrepreneur?

… or maybe you are already developing your startup? In that case, in cooperation with SDU Entrepreneurship Labs, you now have the possibility of doing an internship in your own or someone else’s startup. Here you have the possibility of activating your professional competences and really get behind the scenes in a company and hereby develop your entrepreneurial mindset.


What is an internship including ECTS points in a startup at SDU Entrepreneurship Labs?

When you are in an internship getting ECTS points in your own or someone else´s startup, you must participate in workshops regarding entrepreneurship at SDU Entrepreneurship Labs. You get introduced to methods and models working with innovation and entrepreneurship in practice. You will be part of a company and will learn to analyze the process from idea to business. You will be associated with a business developer, who will support and follow your progress. Furthermore you will get access to all facilities and events at SDU Entrepreneurship Labs

Between the workshops you will be employed within the startup or develop and improve your own startup. You will receive academic counselling from a teacher at your study. See the content of the two courses below: 

 SIP figure 1

SIP figure

When and where?

SDU Entrepreneurship Labs, Videnbyen, Campusvej 26, Odense

Application deadline:

  • spring semester: 31 January

  • fall semester: 30 August


... Now what?

… regarding getting an internship approved in your own or someone else´s startup. Are you planning an internship in someone else´s startup, please contact Jannek Solgaard at, who can help you find the perfect match.
  • For an internship in your own startup, go to SDU Entrepreneurship Labs
    • Register your personal information as well as the categories Purpose, Resources, and Business Idea. Press Apply. 
    • Remember to tick the box ”StartUp i Praksis”!
  • For an internship in someone else´s startup: Please contact Jannek Solgaard at stating your contact information.

NB: If you are already a part of Startup Station, please sign up by contacting Jannek Solgaard at

… in cooperation with your academic counsellor.

  • If the internship is in someone else´s startup: send the contract to the startup you want to work for. 
  • If the internship is in your own startup: Send the contract to Jannek Solgaard at You will then be appointed a business developer from SDU Entrepreneurship Labs, who will sign your contract. The contract will hereafter be returned to you. Finally, you will receive a mail containing practical information. 
… SDU Entrepreneurship Labs, where you will participate in ’StartUp in Practice’, containing a range of workshops. You will now be able to enter the facilities at SDU Entrepreneurship Labs and book your first meeting with your business developer. 
… you will have the opportunity of becoming a part of SDU Entrepreneurship Labs Startup Station, which is our program for established startups. This means you will have a personal business developer, access to office space, meeting facilities, a prototype workshop and not least sparring with other startups. 
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Jannek Solgaard at
Want to be an intern?

Apply now!

SDU RIO University of Southern Denmark

  • Campusvej 55
  • Odense M - DK-5230

Last Updated 21.06.2022