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Robotic Program

The Robotic Program is a newly developed track in Startup Station facilitating robotic and drone startups. Our primary goals in this robotic track are to provide the right workshops, sparring, and expertise to help you grow your startups and to succeed in the industries of robots and drones. 

Startup Station Robotic Program is part of a larger joint venture with Odense Robotic  and SDU Drones. Entering the Robotic Program, you will get access to sparring and specialists, growing your network and be part of Odense Robotic and SDU Drones.

All students are welcome, we only emphasize that you work directly with robots or drones in one way or the other.

As a part of the Robotic Program, you will be joining the track along with other startups in the field of robots and drones. You will also enter the thrilling Startup Station where workspace, MakerSpace, workshops, events and much more are available completely free.   

The program is supported by SDU RIO, Odense Robotic, SDU Drones and UAS Denmark.  

Business Developer Roy Lemminger (SDU RIO) is responsible for this program. Your startup can apply now.  


SDU RIO University of Southern Denmark

  • Campusvej 55
  • Odense M - DK-5230

Last Updated 21.06.2022