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Erasmus+ Traineeship for Recent Graduates

Recent higher education graduates may participate in a traineeship in an Erasmus+ programme country.

You have to apply and be approved by SDU International during your last year of study and no later than one month before you finish your studies (hand-in of final thesis or last exam). You have to complete the traineeship within one year of graduating.

Practical information for students wanting to do an Erasmus+ traineeship as a recent graduate:

  1. You have to find your traineeship yourself outside of Denmark and have a signed contract before the mentioned deadline of one month before you finish your studies (hand-in of final thesis or last exam).
  2. You must apply for the Erasmus+ traineeship grant before the above mentioned deadline.  
  3. If you have already done an Erasmus+ exchange during your study period, the duration of that will be deducted from the time allowed for the recent graduate traineeship.
  4. The grant size depends on the host country and the length of the traineeship. The traineeship has to be for at least 2 months.
  5. You do not need to receive ECTS for the traineeship as you have already ended your studies when the traineeship ends. You can do the recent graduate traineeship after you have completed your Master's degree programme.
  6. The Erasmus+ grant is subject to requirements such as language tests and an evaluation after the traineeship. If these are not fulfilled, the grant will be reclaimed.
  7. There are some EU-institutions not included in the recent graduate traineeship possibility – please contact SDU International for further information.

Please contact SDU International for further information. 

Last Updated 07.02.2024