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What are childbirth grant portions?

Childbirth grant portion are extra SU grant portions.  

Childbirth grant portions

Since 1st of August 2022 the applications process for childbirth grant has been fully digitalized. Application are now made on MinSU.

With the new digital solution students are no longer required to upload documentation when they apply for birth support. The SU Agency automatically receives the necessary information from CPR.

Guidance can be found on the SU Agency’s webpage. (Danish only):

When you are receiving childbirth grant portions, you are not able to receive a supplement for providers at the same time.

Rules regarding the mutual exclusion of childbirth grant portions, and supplementary SU for provides can be found under conditions here.

Find more information about parental pay here. (in danish only)

If you are attending an admission course, you are technically enrolled in a “Youth education” and you be able to apply for something called “birth rates”.
“Birth rates” exists as single rates or double rates.

More information is available here (in danish only): ”Becoming a parent while attending a youth education”.

Do you have questions or need help?

E-mail: Contact the SU office via SPOC
Phone: 65501053 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 10-12

Read much more at minSU

Last Updated 28.05.2022