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In 2017, Nordea-fonden will grant up to 10 million DKK to graduate- and professional bachelor's degree students. The next round has its application deadline on November 1st 2017. 

In 2016, the foundation awarded 659 graduate students with 7,4 million DKK in total. 

The scholarships aim to support the students in going abroad as part of the education and thereby: 

  • Acquire academic qualifications, which are not achievable in Denmark. 
  • Obtain a global understanding, learning to manage oneself internationally and work together with people having completely different backgrounds
  • Have great and exciting adventures and experiences abroad

To be considered for the scholarships, you should fulfil the following criteria: 

  • The stay abroad needs to be part of a Master's degree programme. During the stay, you should be enrolled at a Danish educational institution or one abroad. 
  • If you are studying abroad for a complete Master's degree programme it should last for at least a year or two consecutive semesters. 
  • If your stay abroad is part of a Danish Master's degree programme, the education/internship should be integrated and credit-earning in form of ECTS and last for at least one semester. 
  • You may not have a complete Master's degree.

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Last Updated 07.02.2024