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Study doubts

Study doubts
As a student you will experience periods when you will have doubts about your choice of subject, whether you can pass the examination, whether you are good enough, etc.
This is entirely natural and there can be very many reasons for these doubts. In most cases it is because of a temporary lack of interest or motivation. Other factors outside of your studies can affect your motivation and interest, e.g. financial issues, housing and personal relationships.

Study doubts can also be the result of you ...
… getting nowhere with your studies
… getting nowhere with your thesis
… suffering from examination angst
… having feelings of low self-esteem
… suffering from angst related to taking responsibility

Think about why you are having doubts
Study doubts can lead you to assess your whole situation. You may decide that your subject really is not the right one for you or you may choose to solve the problems that may lie behind your study doubts.

Find information
Once you have thought about why you are having doubts, the next step is to acquire information about your options. This may be information about other courses or subjects, the possibilities of taking a leave of absence or the consequences for your finances and for where you live of changing courses or stopping your studies entirely.

Get counselling
The Counselling Centre advisors can give you general counselling on your options for changing courses, stopping, taking leave, etc. We can also be contacted electronically or over the phone.

Student Service – can advise you on your grant (SU) options and on conclusion loans and the consequences for your grant that each choice will have.

You can also speak in private with the university chaplain.

Last Updated 07.02.2024