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If you are in doubt as to whether you are processing personal data in connection with your assignment or you are in doubt about how to proceed, you must reach out to your lecturer/supervisor or your local GDPR- and/or information security coordinator. In addition, you are most welcome to search for information about this matter on these pages. They will be updated with relevant information on an ongoing basis. 

Sabine G. Hildebrand (GDPR and information security) 

Herunder eScience Center: Bjørn Høj Jakobsen (GDPR and information security) 

Rune Nørgaard Jørgensen (information security)

Anne Mette Kargaard (GDPR and information security)

Tina Skoubo Elcer(information security)

Mie Fredenslund(GDPR)

Lena Haslestad Jeppesen (GDPR and information security)

Christian Hurup Hansen (GDPR and information security) 



Last Updated 07.02.2024