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Minor accidents
If you have a minor accident and need a first aid kit with eg. plaster or chlorhexidine then you can contact The Service Department, ResQ at Stenten or The Reception at Campustorvet.

Serious accidents
By serious accidents you immediately have to contact the Service Department, ResQ at Stenten or the Reception. The staff will call the emergency service. The staff has the know-how to guide the ambulancemen the fastest way possible to the scene of the accident. If you are in doubt about what to do then you can always dial 112 from one of the emergency telephones, from all fixed line telephones or from your own mobile phone.

Feel safe every day
You can also use the emergency telephones if you at any time feel unsafe or are being exposed to threatening behaviour. Dial 3900, inform the number of the emergency telephone (marked above the telephone) and a watchman will come to your rescue at all hours.

Alarm 112
In case of an accident at Campus Odense you can dial 112 from all the red emergency telephones (the red telephones are put many different places along the hallways).

In case of fire

  1. Call the fire department – you can dial 112 from one of the emergency telephones
  2. Inform your fellow students and everyone else close to the scene of fire
  3. Go for the nearest escape route and help/guide everyone who is not familiar with Campus
  4. Put out the fire if it is safe to do

Last Updated 07.02.2024