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Your contact with researchers

As a student studying a bachelor’s or master’s program at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences you will be in contact with researchers during your course of study, and in this way participate in research-like activities.

First and foremost, your education is deeply rooted in strong research environments that you will encounter throughout your education. The lecturers are most often researchers from the underlying research environments. They plan the teaching themselves and thereby include their own as well as their colleagues´ research in the lectures. The research is discussed, put into perspective and developed through the teaching in interaction with the lecturer and you as a student.

You will also experience close contact with the individual lecturer through the scheduled lectures and supervision activities and especially in connection with your bachelor’s project or master’s thesis. In addition, the lecturers are in general available via e-mail, telephone as well as their general presence at the departments/campuses.

You can also participate in e.g. guest lectures, series of lectures and seminars with both external and internal participants.

Last Updated 06.03.2024