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Study board

The Study Board is for the benefit of the students. We are here to provide a service and to ensure that your rights are respected. At the same time, the Study Board is responsible for the development, professional content and quality of the social science full degree study programmes at SDU. 

The Study Board meets once a month in order to process new issues such as dispensation cases, development of the programme and other relevant topics. You can find information regarding how to apply for dispensation under Applications - how to apply.

At the same time, the Study Board serves as a means of broadcasting students opinions, as five student representatives act on behalf of the student body. You are welcome to discuss suggestions, initiatives and possible dissatisfactions with your student representative, who will relate it to the Study Board at the meetings.

- Members of the Study Board

- Meetings

- Applications - how to apply

If you have any questions regarding a specific case, you can contact the Study Board via mail: If you want to talk with the secretariat, you can write a mail with your number and ask to be contacted.

Last Updated 06.03.2024