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As a member of the institute council, you will help influence decisions that are closer to your education and your everyday life. You will simply have an influence on how the institute will develop and organize itself in relation to the future. It is an opportunity to gain some new skills in different areas, because you are involved in everything from finances, student environment/well-being, employment policy, the department's development work and strategy, etc. Some concrete examples can be:

  • How do we best use the institute's money?
  • Does your institute need to take a new strategic direction?
  • How do we get the best researchers and teachers?

As a bonus, it is also a great opportunity to meet new people. You will sit together with 2 other students, and have a term of office of 2 years. Sounds like a great opportunity, doesn't it? If you would like to hear more, click on the link.
NB: The department council typically meets twice a semester.

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Last Updated 06.03.2024