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Student associations at SDU Odense

Student associations across SDU's campusses

If you want to establish or register a student organisation at SDU, contact
This applies to both joint organisations and faculty organisations.

RUST is the student magazine, which is based in Odense. The magazine is also sent out to SDU’s other campuses.

Klimahave SDU
The Climate Garden community is for SDU’s students, staff and researchers, and the garden can thus be a gathering point for people from across studies and education programmes to meet and exchange ideas and thoughts about the topics below.
The purpose of the Climate Garden is to provide the framework for a community at SDU in which climate, environment, sustainability and biodiversity are the central focus.
In the Climate Garden community, there will be garden events and workshops with the world goals in focus. For a small fee, members can also rent their own pallet frame in the Climate Garden, which they can use to grow various herbs and vegetables. In addition, there will also be the opportunity to create initiatives such as insect hotels, beehives and permaculture beds. 

MIT Odense - The Association for Medical Innovation and Technology
Target audience: For students at SDU who seek to develop innovative, entrepreneurial, technological and management-oriented skills and engage in interdisciplinary work on solving societal and healthcare issues.
Purpose: The purpose of MIT Odense is to establish a network of students across disciplines who want to cultivate and facilitate a broad interdisciplinary community with a view to solving major issues affecting future society and the healthcare sector.
Vision: Health innovation is complex and requires skills from many disciplines. Our vision is to create a culture that is built on interdisciplinarity and innovation, thereby ensuring a space for people to meet across academic groups and get involved in technological development. In this way, we ensure need-driven innovation in which the need is based on how we can benefit society through development, validation and optimisation of these processes, including infrastructural/political changes that create a better framework for innovation and public-private collaboration. Hopefully, we will help shape the quality of research, increase the entrepreneurial attributes of students and build a bridge between academia and industry.
Activities: We offer lectures, workshops and events in collaboration with academics and industry that touch on innovation and interdisciplinarity. We also facilitate opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and research, including opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate projects.

Website (in Danish):

Nedenunder - Fredagsbaren på Campusvej
At over 800 m2, Nedenunder (which in English means ‘downstairs’) is probably Denmark’s largest Friday bar and is located at Entrance C on Campusvej 55. It is important for SDU that students have the opportunity to get to know each other across faculties, studies and year groups. For this reason, the bar was built in 2012 in a size that could accommodate all faculties on Campusvej. However, Nedenunder quickly became so popular that it was already having capacity problems when the Faculty of Engineering moved to Campusvej. As a result, the venue was greatly extended in 2017, so that there is again room for everyone.

Today, Nedenunder is the social gathering place where every Friday you can meet your fellow students from across the University’s many subject areas and where during the other six days of the week there are often other kinds of student events such as revues, stand-up, concerts, etc.

Find Nedenunder on Facebook or drop in with your fellow students the next time it’s open.

SDU Gaming
SDU Gaming is a collective social association for students from all University education programmes. We arrange gaming-related events. In addition, we help students find fellow players to strengthen the social community at SDU through gaming.

Find SDU Gaming on Facebook.

Syddanske Studerende
Syddanske Studerende is your student council at the University of Southern Denmark. They fight for the students’ cause on a daily basis and to create a safe environment, both socially and academically. Throughout the year, they organize many different types of events for the students. Among other things. The semester start party that every September helps kick off the semester properly. The study start fair, which shows students what opportunities they have both at and outside the university. Well-being week, which is a whole week with a focus on well-being, where there are communal meals, lectures and fun. In May, the annual Institute competition is held, where a day is set aside for competition and fun with your fellow students.

Read more at and keep up to date by following them on Facebook.

SDU Skiklub

We are an association run by snow-loving students. Our main job is to arrange ski trips for SDU students and their friends, partners and acquaintances. Our ski trips focus on quality and wide-ranging skiing and socialising. Therefore, we choose destinations that cater for every taste. Whether you are completely new to skiing, a true piste racer, a crazy freestyler or pro freerider, you are welcome! Because we travel to different places as SDU, we have a unique opportunity to get to know each other across education programmes. We therefore attach great importance to arranging events during the trips that create social relations between the travellers. This can be anything from guided piste tours and adventure races to pub crawls and club100.

Find SDU Skiklub on Facebook:

SDU Yogaklub

We want to create a yoga community for students, staff and alumni at SDU. This is in part because it is important for your health to check in with your body and mind – and not least to check in with your fellow human beings and surroundings in an atmosphere of acceptance and awareness. Yoga is a unique discipline that offers fundamental life values, reflective philosophy and physical practice. We would like to share the knowledge we have acquired through our study of yoga with you. We will give you the opportunity to integrate yoga into your own life, to the extent that you feel makes sense for you and your quality of life. Namaste.

Find SDU Yogaklub on Facebook:

Southern Danish Academic Hunting Association (SAJ)

The Southern Danish Academic Hunting Association (SAJ) is for students and staff at SDU with an interest in hunting and outdoor life. We want to promote hunting among young people, which we do through our hunting license course and various events. We have helped over 500 hunters attain their hunting license. At SAJ, the focus is on the social aspect of hunting, and we hold annual wild game dinners, fishing trips, working days, competitions and much more.

Find SAJ on Facebook:

 ESN Odense (Erasmus Student Network)

ESN works for the creation of a more mobile and flexible education environment by supporting and developing student exchange from different levels as well as providing an intercultural experience for students who cannot access a period abroad (‘internationalisation at home’).

Find ESN Odense on Facebook:

Frit Forum Odense

Frit Forum is a political student organisation with a distinct social democratic value base.

Visit the association’s website (in Danish):

Conservative Students (KS), Odense

Your right-wing student political organisation at SDU. We fight for free research and for SDU to be governed without political world goals, identity politics and so on. The association is for all right-wing students, and it is not a requirement to be active in youth politics outside the University. If you are right-wing minded, and if you want to help make the University more right-wing minded, join KS today.

Find KS on Facebook: 

Syddanske Studerende

Syddanske Studerende is your student council at the University of Southern Denmark. They fight for the students’ cause on a daily basis so that SDU has the best study environment in Denmark by promoting collaboration between various associations and their association networks, as well as their elected representatives in all councils and boards at SDU, who ply the association with the latest news and activities at all levels of the University.

Read more at and keep up to date by following them on Facebook.

Guide to ordering materials

Student associations have two options:

1) Student associations can order themselves from the Graphic Center (please note the in-voicing fee of DKK 125 ex. VAT)
Student associations can contact and order internally via the association’s contact. In this case, there is no charge.

To order via, please send an email containing the following:

  • What material is to be ordered (see webshop)
  • Specifications: quantity, size and image file, if applicable
  • Preferred date for collection from the Graphic Center
  • Which analysis number is to be invoiced

If you have any questions about the above, please contact

In connection with the student associations' planning and execution of social work activities, there are various units and staff at SDU Odense that may be relevant to get in touch with. If you want to know more, write to

Associations at the Faculty of Humanities

DSAAS is the SDU student organization for American Studies as well as English studies with an interest in everything American.

Find us on Facebook:

The Student council for English & American Studies is an association consisting of students from both studies, giving the students a chance to be heard in regard to the studies and the student life. With our contacts across the faculty, we make it a possibility to optimize both studies, so everyone is thriving as best as possible during their education.

The Student council also support and promote the student life and social activities, and has a variety of clubs and events open to all students across both English and American Studies to participate in.

If you are interested in what happens within the council, you can follow us on Facebook  and Instagram under @engamfagraad.

Write us an email at, if you need to get in touch with us.


Find us on Facebook:

The student association for all students studying IVK at SDU in Odense.



Moonshine is the party committee for English and American Studies, organizing social events across English and American Studies. Moonshine helps create a great atmosphere, bringing smiles to the students' faces and building a network across different studies and years.

Read more on the organization's Facebook.

HUMle is the gathering point for all the wonderful studies at SDU's Humanities, each with their own party committee. HUMle is the place where ideas are turned into legendary parties, and where fun and student life go hand in hand as the best dance partners. However, HUMle does not only organize parties, but all kinds of events that the students think would be cool to do and want to participate in. HUMle is therefore for all students at Humanities who would like a nice time and a good community across studies. Regardless of whether you drink or not, are a spinner on the dance floor or would rather sit and chat in a soft couch.

Find us on Facebook

Associations at the Faculty of Science

Find us on Facebook:

For all students in connection to studies under the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science



An association for biology students or biology interested

Find us on Facebook:

Find us on our Facebook or via e-mail


The purpose of the association is to create a social cohesion as well as a welcoming and inclusive study environment for all new students in regular classes, educational level and across fields of study at the Faculty of Science. This is done, among other things, through events for the new students, primarily in the autumn semester.

The association's work is based on sub-policy for study start, principles for study start, and code for alcohol and drugs: quality policy & code for alcohol and drugs. The association's board is responsible for ensuring that all members and initiatives for new students live up to these.


Do you love science? - And would you like to be part of a larger community that brings together all the branches of science that you could imagine?
Come and become part of a community that puts science in focus but does not compromise on unity. At UNF Odense you have the opportunity to meet other people interested in sciences.



Find us on Facebook:

Associations at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences

AcadeMMA is a student organization for the study of Market & Management Anthropology (MMA).

The main purpose of AcadeMMA is to create networks between the MMA students and the corporate and academic sector. Furthermore, create awareness within these sectors of the potential of the study, and advances of the MMA program. Our vision is to be the academic spokesmen of MMA and to be the mediator for the MMA students between the study board, the corporate sector and professors.


Find us on Facebook:

Read more on or find us on Facebook:

The European Law Students' Association (ELSA) is the world's largest independent student body for law students, spread over 43 nations, in 250 faculties and with more than 60,000 members.


Party committee at the Department of Political Science

Find us on Facebook:

International Politics for students - by students


Jurafabrikken is a nationwide, professional and social network among law and business law students, whose purpose is to bridge the gap between study and the legal profession.

Find us on Facebook:


Legal association -
KOMA is the party committee of the bachelor, Market and Management Anthropology. We organize parties and other social events to bring together our students, so we can make the most out of the years we spend together! Creating memories and miracles, one event at a time!

Find us on Facebook:

Oecon I Odense organises academic and social events for economics students in Odense.



SiO is the umbrella organization for political science and social science, which helps facilitate and manage other organisations within these two programmes. As a member, you pay a one-time fee of 200 DKK, which contributes to financing the events organized by various associations. Additionally, the association is funded by the Department, Djøf, and Tinderbox, as the organization usually operates a bar at Tinderbox for the students.

Find us on Facebook

Find us on Facebook:

Associations at the Faculty of Health Science

Find us on Facebook:
Find us on Facebook:
Find us on Facebook:
Find us on Facebook:

SIMO is an association for sports enthusiasts students. We aim for an increased focus on sports medicine and its various aspects, while also enhancing interdisciplinary collaboration. We achieve this through academic presentations, social events, and joint sports activities.

Find us on Facebook.

Find us on Facebook:
Find us on Facebook:
Find us on Facebook:
Find us on Facebook:
Find us on Facebook:
Read more on our website:
Read more on our Facebook

Who are we?
Synapse - Life Science Connect is a student-driven, non-profit organization in Odense area.

What is the purpose of Synapse Odense?
We want to bridge the gap between academia and the life science industry for a more fluent transition from student to professional.

How do we want to achieve our main goal?
We create events, workshops, and networking opportunities for students and young professionals with an interest in pursuing careers in the life science environment.

Click here for more information about Synapse in general or click here for more information about Synapse Odense.

You can contact us on:

Find us on Facebook:

Associations at the Faculty of Engineering

DevLab allows members to explore the many possibilities of rapid prototyping on their own and at their own pace. In addition, our premises also allow for a greater community among the members. We have rooms for 3D printing in exotic plastics, laser cutting in different kinds of materials and rooms for exploring virtual reality at 2 stations and virtualizer.


Enigma is an academic council for Software Students of Southern Denmark in Odense.

The purpose of the academic council is to create social cohesion and opportunities for networking across semesters and year groups for students enrolled in the MSc in Engineering programme in Software Engineering and the Bachelor of Engineering programme in Software Technology at SDU's Faculty of Engineering. In addition, it is the task of the academic council to disseminate information about possible career paths for students on the study programmes and also to create a professional forum through various activities.

Find us on Facebook:

Welcome to PDI-F: Where Innovation Meets Collaboration across all years! 🎉 At PDI-F, we're not just an association; we're the ultimate blend of brains, academic banter, and boundless creativity! Picture a place where Product Development and Innovation students at SDU unite under a common banner of brilliance and fun – that's us! The purpose of the PDI Student Society is to host events, and to represent those enrolled in the Product Development and Innovation course at SDU.

Further purposes include:

  1. Representation of the course in political affairs
  2. Improving the study environment and general facilities utilized by the PDI students.
  3. Strengthening the cohesion between students enrolled at PDI across years.
  4. Being a connection between the students at PDI and relevant businesses, councils and SDU committees Join us in evolving the study space, and form bonds with other PDI student!

Read more on our Facebook

SIF is a unifying academic council at faculty level, whose target group is all students at the Faculty of Engineering.

SIF is a voluntary organisation that works independently of party politics to improve both your and your fellow students' conditions – academically as well as socially. What does this mean? This means that we always have your back, we fight for the quality of education and hold both cozy and interesting social events.

If you want to hear more about SIF and their activities, stay tuned.




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