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SDU Career Ambassador

As a volunteer at SDU RIO, you are a part of a joint responsibility to involve and inform the students of SDU about the opportunities that are waiting for them! The tasks will be different each semester, which will challenge our volunteers, so they can develop their skills, gain experiences in new fields, and strengthen their competences outside of studies.

Career Ambassador Corps

In 2012, SDU RIO, Research & Innovation Organisation, developed a voluntary Career Ambassador corps to represent the organisation and the students at the University of Southern Denmark across the campus cities. The purpose with our volunteers was and is still to spread the word about the offers that we provide to the students. Therefore, our volunteers are helping their fellow students across study programs and faculties!

We see our volunteers as an important piece in our puzzle. As a Career Ambassador, you are in the field to create a dialogue with other students and ensure that they become aware of the offers and not at least the events that are conducted, among other things. These offers and events are promoted and communicated by our volunteers at an eye level with students. We care a lot about the fact that our volunteers should have a say in and come with inputs for the organisation’s events, since they are students next to being volunteers. So, they know what students want.

Today, we have approximately 20-25 volunteers scattered across four of SDU’s campus locations: Odense, Kolding, Sønderborg, and Esbjerg. In Odense, we have a young team of volunteers who are smiling, responsible, great at taking the lead and who wants to lend a helping hand both before, during, and after our events. The team consists of both Danish and international students. 


Why become a volunteer at SDU RIO?

We offer our volunteers the opportunity to meet other students, who are just as involved as themselves. And, it is a good chance for them to expand their network, since the team consists of students from other faculties. Besides getting a network with co-volunteers, there is also an opportunity to network with and position oneself towards companies. Not only that, we also provide our volunteers with a diploma and arrange exclusive events just for them. This revolves around company visits, social events, workshops, and CV and application events. This is our way of thanking them for their hard work and help!

In return, we expect 16 hours of unpaid, voluntary work pr. semester from them. As volunteers at SDU RIO, we demand that you are actively participating, which is why you must exhibit will, motivation, and a wish to make a difference in order to convey the opportunities to the students and help them on their path. Therefore, these privileges that we offer will only be granted to those who fulfill the demands for participation in the voluntary work. If you would like to be a part of this team, please think about the amount of voluntary work that we demand and reconsider whether you have the time and wish to lie this effort into it. We truly desire an involved and motivated team of volunteers, who have the will and wish to help!


If you want further information about what it means to be a Career Ambassador!

Please contact Jesper Rotvig Jensen on, if you are interested in becoming a part of this fantastic team! Please attach your CV and an application. Regarding the application process, you will be called in to a conversation with the one responsible for the Career Ambassadors. Since we are looking for voluntary Career Ambassadors continually, there will be no deadline. 


Last Updated 22.02.2023