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Registration for courses

It is your responsibility to sign up for courses, i.e. classes, assignments and projects, for the coming semester.

You sign up for courses through the Student Self  Service:

  • Between May 20th-30th for the courses in the autumn semester.
  • Between November 20th-30th for courses in the spring semester.

You’ll get an e-mail on your student e-mail , when you’re getting closer to the registration period.

When you have signed up for courses, you are automatically signed up for the  coming exam.

Read more about the exam rules and regulations.

When you have signed up for courses, you cannot cancel it again – not even if you have signed up for more than what is recommended. That goes for elective courses as well. However, it may be possible to from change one elective course to another, but it may not take place later than three weeks into the semester. If you wish to so, you must contact the Examinations Office through SPOC.

Normally, you must sign up for the courses recommended by your curriculum. Check the Process Model in your curriculum.

If you have been delayed in your course of studies (if e.g. you have exams from earlier semesters that you still haven’t passed or have been ill), it may make sense to sign up for other courses than those recommended by the Process Model. But make sure that your course registration complies with the Active Enrolment Requirements.

If you need to make an alternative plan for your course of study, please note the following:

When are the courses available?
Check the list of available courses to see whether they are available in autumn or spring and thereby make it easier for you to plan when to take them.

Should I attend course(s) or only sign up for exams?
Were there exam(s) in an earlier semester that you didn’t pass? It is up to you whether you decide to attend the course(s) again or only attend the exams. If you have failed an exam, it may be a good idea to attend the course again. However, note that since you'll be attending courses on different semesters, classes may be overlapping. Consequently, it is a good idea to think carefully about which courses to attend. It is also important to note that the exam will be based on the current pensum, and that it may change from one semester to the next.

You’ll receive an e-mail on your student e-mail telling you when it is time to register for both courses and exams.

If exceptional circumstances apply to your situation, and it means that you need to have course or exam registrations cancelled, you may apply for exemption from the requirements. This is referred to as dispensation.

Last Updated 06.03.2024