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Supplementary courses and tests

At Campus Odense, we offer supplementary activities in the areas listed below. The courses are ordinary courses on the bachelor programme. You may choose between courses on the programme offered in Danish or the programme offered in English. Most courses have a separate course description as they take up only part of the ordinary course.

Because of the many profiles that have classes at different times, we are not able to coordinate the timetables to ensure that students that have been admitted to the programme on conditions of passing certain courses will actually be able to attend lectures in the courses.

Please notice that you have two examinations attempts to pass the test. Be aware that you can continue on your master programme only if you pass your specific entry conditions within the first semester after you have been enrolled.

Where to find the information
The programme in English: Timetable and exam plan.

Look for the title of the ordinary course.

Last Updated 06.03.2024