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Time tables


Semesters and vacations

Semester course

The autumn semester starts on 1 September and ends at the entrance to the Christmas holidays.

The spring semester starts on 1 February and ends no later than 31 May.


As a general rule, each semester is of 15 weeks' duration:  Some courses may, however, be planned as 11 week courses. If so, this will be stated in both the course description and the time table.

In connection with large events at the University, e.g. Open House Day and the Annual Awards Ceremony and Banquet, the whole day will be a day without classes unless otherwise stated via the notice board.

If possible, no classes are scheduled for Tuesdays, 12-14. Various information meetings, study board meetings or the like will most often be held in this period so that no one will have to neglect their teaching or studies in order to participate.


Holiday periods

Easter holiday: From and including the Tuesday before Easter up to and including Easter Sunday 2nd (Monday).
Pentecost holidays: Includes regular holidays only.
Summer vacation: July
Autumn holidays: Week 42
Christmas holidays: No classes and exams from December 24-1. January (both included)

The Study Board of Business Economics, University of Southern Denmark

Last Updated 06.03.2024