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Credit transfer

Before you apply for credit transfer from one of SDU's partner universities, you must have been nominated for a place at a specific university. Read about the application procedure here.

Once you have a place at a partner university, you can apply for preliminary approval of credit transfer. You must apply for credit transfer from other universities in Denmark or abroad.

Notice that

  • Courses will only be approved if they meet certain requirements regarding academic level and content. See more information further down on the page.

If you experience that you have less than 30 ECTS pre-approved courses after arriving at your exchange university, you must immediately apply for approval of courses corresponding to the lacking ECTS. This application must clearly show the courses that are not running and the additional courses applied for. Use the same application form as for the original application - former applications cannot be used. In the application form, the courses that are not offered must be clearly marked and the additional courses for approval must be added to the list. The requirements for information on these courses are the same as for the original application.

After your study stay at another university, you must send documentation for passed courses to the examination office via

Your application will only be processed provided it meets the requirements listed below (numbers 1 and 2 two only apply to preliminary approval of credit transfer).

  1. The application is received in good time before you need the approval
  2. The application contains courses corresponding to 60 ETCS or less. 
  3. All the required items are attached to the application in the required form.
  4. The required items are
    • A filled out application form via
    • A course description for each course meeting certain requirements (see below).
  5. All attached files are in PDF format and named as required  (see at the bottom of this page).

About the column "Title": Number the courses (1,2, etc.) and write the title of each course.

About the column "Credits/ECTS": If the courses are offered in credits, the number of ECTS as well as credits must be given in the form. In addition, you must provide a PDF file showing the calculation from credits to ECTS and documentation hereof for example in the form of a statement from the exchange university or the international office at SDU. If the information comes from a website, please attach a PDF-print of the webpage to the application.

For evaluation of the above, the following information must be given for each course in a separate file:

  • Level of the course (bachelor or master).
  • Number and title of the course - must be the same as in the application form.
  • Name of the department offering the course.
  • Number of ECTS or credits.
  • Description of contents/learning goals.
  • Description of teaching (fx lessons in total or per week).
  • Compulsory literature.
  • Examination form.

The information must be official from the exchange university. If you cannot find a course description for the coming year, it is OK to use the one from the current year.

If the course description is retrieved from a website, please provide also a link to the course description.

It is the exchange student’s obligation to obtain all of the required information. Providing incomplete information will lead to a rejection of the application, since the Study Board cannot asses the course. In some cases it can be necessary to contact the course responsible at the guest university directly to obtain this information.

Course descriptions must be in PDF format. Each file must be named as follows: <number in application form>_<course title>_<course id (number)>.




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Last Updated 06.03.2024