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Exam Monitor


When going to written exams on campus, you have to use Exam Monitor unless your Faculty informs you about something else. Exam Monitor proctors your exam while you are doing the exam to make sure that you follow the exams rules. Our Software can only be used on Windows devices and Macbooks. You cannot as an example use it on iPads or Chromebooks.

It is your responsibility to test Exam Monitor a couple of days before your exam, to make sure that it works on your device. If you have trouble with downloading it to your device, please contact us on or visit us on your campus. Please follow our guides below here, to make sure that it will work successfully on your device.


Guides for Exam Monitor

First, you have to download Java to your device. Click here to download Java. When you have downloaded Java to your device, please follow the guide that suits your computer.


Guides for Mac

Guide for Windows



Questions regarding Exam Monitor?

If you have any questions regarding Exam Monitor, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Last Updated 07.02.2024