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Summer courses

At a Summer Course at TEK you can immerse yourself in an academic subject. During two intensive weeks you will get experiences and knowledge, that will challenge you academically, while socialising with both Danish and international students.

Summer Course is a good opportunity if you would like to spend part of your summer break learning new things, ease your academic burden during the semester, expand your international network or if you lack an elective on your curriculum. 

Apply for Summer Courses during the registration period from 20- 30 May. Please note that you can only apply for one Summer Course and that your application is binding. Therefore, remember to read the course description before applying. It contains useful information that you may not be aware of.  

TEK Summer Courses week 32 and 33

Course ID Course Title
T900004101 Project Management
T900005101 Engineering Imagination
T900028101 Experimental Architecture. Computational Design and Digital Fabrication
T910015101 Principles and Applications of PCR Technologies
T630022401 CyberSafe: Mastering the Art of Cybersecurity (Sønderborg)
T900040101 Cities and Climate Change
T910004101 Engineering for Sustainability
T920014401 Medical Devices and Imaging (Sønderborg)
T920019101 Introduction to Nano Optics
T930007101 Continuous Delivery and DevOps
T630020401 Next Generation Software Engineering (Sønderborg)
T930013101 Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare Data
T930015101 Robotics: Fundamentals and Applications
T930021101 Drones for computer vision applications
T960023101 Applied Composite Drone Manufacturing

You apply for a Summer Course the same way you register for other courses during the registration period 20-30 May. 

The Summer Course must be approved on your study programme and available on you registration blanket in SDU Self-Service. If the course is not pre-approved, you must apply the Study Board for pre-approval of credit transfer of the course:
( -> Study Board-> merit -> Application for Pre-Approval of Credit Transfer - Danmark  

Find further information on how to apply for pre-approval on the Study Board’s website on MySDU. 

Please note, it is only possible to apply for one Summer Course. 

All Summer School courses have a limited number of places. If more applicants than places, applicants who meet the mandatory requirements are prioritized according to selection criteria which can be found in the Course description under “Additional information”. After June 20 you can see on the student self-service, if you have been enrolled at a summer course.

No. An application for Summer Course is binding. The option to substitute one elective for another within the first three weeks does not apply to Summer Courses. 

If you wish to withdraw from Summer Courses, you can apply the Study Board for withdrawal from tuition and examination. Apply by filling out the form here: -> Study Board -> dispensation -> Application of Exemption from the Deadline for Registration or De-registration for Courses 

Find further information on how to apply for de-registration on the Study Board’s website on MySDU. 

Please note we recommend you apply for de-registration of Summer School courses if you do not pass your exams in June, leaving you to register for re-exams in August. 

If you are planning to spend the fall semester abroad, we recommend you make sure the Summer Course does not overlap with the date of your departure. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the date of semester start at the host university's website before applying for Summer Courses.

It is possible to take a Summer Course as part of your master's programme, even if you start the master's programme on 1 September.

However, if you need to pass mandatory subjects from the 5th semester of your bachelor's programme, you cannot register for a summer course as a master's elective, as you can only take master's electives once your bachelor's degree has been completed.

Last Updated 14.08.2023