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Guidelines for and booking of project rooms in the TEK-building

Read the guidelines and book a project room at the Faculty of Engineering.

  • 1st semester students (autumn) / 2nd semester students (spring) will be given regular project rooms.
    •  The assigned project rooms are booked in advance and the students will be informed about the assigned rooms around semester start.
  • The study zones / the large project rooms are divided in multiple rooms of 6 persons (workstation A, B, C etc.).
  • Experts in Team Innovation (autumn) will be given project rooms Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.
  • Unoccupied project rooms will be available in the booking system so students who are not assigned a project room can book one.

Rules for booking a project room

  • You must book your project rooms here.
  • It is possible to book a project room for a maximum of 4 successive hours.
  • It is only possible to book project rooms 2 times ahead in a period of 14 days.
  • You must be at least 3 students to be able to book a project room.
    • Smaller groups or individuals are advised to the other study places of the university.
  • The TEK project rooms must be used by TEK-students only.
  • If nobody uses a project room within the first 30 minutes of a booking, other groups are free to use the room. This applies to both booked and assigned rooms. The 30 minute rule does not apply til Experts in Teams during their assigned timeslots (Wednesday and Thursday).

Other project facilities at SDU

  • SDU has approximately 1,000 project places in the library at their disposal.
  • It is possible to book small classrooms (for 10-12 students) at the main campus (these rooms are named ‘group rooms’).

House Rules

  •  The project rooms must be kept clean and tidy for the sake of both the cleaning staff and the next group using the room.
  • When leaving the room:
    • All used tableware must go back to the canteen or be placed on the canteen trolley in Jarvis (TEK building 42, Ø29-602-1).
    •  All waste must be removed from the room and sorted in the bins in the common areas.
    •  Remember to close both door and windows when you leave the room.
  •  Cleaning takes place once a week in the daytime. From the first full week of July and the next five weeks, no cleaning will take place in the project rooms.
  •  Furniture must not be removed from the rooms. No furniture from other project rooms or the common areas must be placed in the room. The same goes for any privately owned furniture.
  •  It is not allowed to have candles, coffee makers, microwaves, toasters, kettles, fridges etc. in the project rooms. (They will be removed without any further notice).
  •  Take both fellow students and employees into consideration. Keep the door closed.
  • Padlocks are only allowed in assigned rooms. You must clean out the cupboards at the end of the semester. Padlocks will be cut and the cupboards emptied by end January and August.
  • You must bring your own office supplies, such as whiteboard markers etc.
  • Please also see SDU’s House Rules.

Final cleaning before the coming semester

  • The students must remove all their things in the project rooms within the last two weeks of the semester to allow for the cleaning staff to do the final cleaning.
  • Things that are not removed prior to the final cleaning, will be discarded. Padlocks will be removed too.


You can book a project room

Book here

Faculty of Engineering University of Southern Denmark

  • Campusvej 55
  • Odense M - 5230

Last Updated 02.02.2024