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Language courses and tests

Nice to know about the requirements

It is recommended that you brush up your language skills before going abroad. Many of our partner universities offer free or cheap language courses at different levels - often a few weeks before the actual semester begins. Even though you might be following your courses in English, it is a true advantage to familiarize yourself with the host language. This will make it easier for you to get to know the natives and their culture. On top of that, it is a definite asset on your CV that you understand e.g. Chinese, Spanish, Russian or maybe even a “smaller” language.

If you travel under the Erasmus or Nordplus programme, you will most likely not be required to take a language test before admission, but it is expected that you have adequate languages skills in the language of instruction. It is very important that you check whether the courses are taught in English or in the native language.

If you are going to an English-speaking country overseas, often you will have to pass a certified language test according to the host university's admission requirements. Sometimes this requirement may be waived when you prove that you are studying at an English-taught degree programme at SDU.

Please note that SDU International can provide you with a document stating that you fulfill the requirements of English level B (equivalent to TOEFL 88 and IELTS 6,5) to be admitted to the University of Southern Denmark. This will both save you cost and time invested in doing one of the language tests mentioned below. However, not all universities accept this documentation in place of a language test, so you will need to consult the host university whether this document can be accepted by them or not.

There are different kinds of languages tests - each with a separate score system. The host university will state the minimum score to get admitted. The results can usually be forwarded directly to host university or verified by the host university online. It is recommended that you brush up on your English grammar and spelling before taking the test. Remember to sign up early; places are often booked quickly.


TOEFL is the most widely recognized international language test. In Denmark, you can take the test at the test centers in Copenhagen or online.

For more information, please visit

IELTS is almost as widely recognized as TOEFL. If your host university mentions the TOEFL test, you can often ask them whether they also accept the IELTS test. The test is offered in Copenhagen several times a year.

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A GRE test is sometimes required by American graduate schools when you go outside exchange programs. The test assesses an applicant's general knowledge. In addition you can take a number of different subject-related tests in the GRE system. For more information see or

Grading scale
The danish marking scale is a 7-point grading scale. The grades correspond to the international grades going from A to F.

You can get a certified (signed and stamped) copy of your SDU transcript at the Student Services.

You can get a description of the Danish grading system at the Student Services or at SDU International.


Last Updated 14.08.2023