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How we process your application for credit transfer


The starting point for pre-approval of credit transfer is that the transferred course must have the same academic level and content (= equivalence) as well as at least the same scope, measured in ECTS points, as the course on the curriculum to be replaced.

The decisions of the Academic Study Board are based on concrete conditions at the Faculty of Engineering. This means that the decisions cannot be directly compared with decisions at other faculties at SDU or other educational institutions.

Please note that you cannot pre-approval of credit transfer for courses that overlap with the courses you have previously passed or registered for. You can also not obtain pre-approval of credit transfer for an elective course where there is an academic overlap with compulsory courses on your curriculum.

Courses passed on admission-qualifying education cannot be credit transferred. You must instead apply for exemption from the course in question, and extension of the elective pool.

You can not expect to get approved pre-approval of credit transfer for student exchange abroad

  • BSc (Eng) and BEng programmes: before the 5th semester
    • NB you must have passed the courses up to and including the 3rd semester before you start your student exchange abroad.
  • Master’s programmes: before the 3rd semester
    • NB you must have passed the subjects in the 1st semester of the master's program before you start your student exchange abroad
  • In order to write on the degree finishing project (bachelor project, final project or Master’s Thesis) abroad
  • where the host university's semester structure leads to an overlap with SDU's semesters, on bachelor's and master's programs. For example, many German universities have semesters with exams in February, which will lead to an overlap between the 6th semester of the bachelor programme and the 4th semester of the master's programme at SDU.
  • where the tuition is planned to be held online, and where the student will be able to complete the subjects without staying at the university in question. In other words, it is a requirement that the tuition at the host university is mainly carried out with a physical presence.

Please be aware of the following:

  • So called language and culture courses:
    • BSc (Eng) and BEng programmes: Language and culture courses can in total replace a maximum of 5-6 ECTS points.
    • Master's programmes: Language and culture subjects cannot be approved as part of a master's degree programme

Language and culture courses are courses which contain information about the host country's language and culture, where these differ greatly from Danish, English as well as European culture. In other words, you should not expect to get pre-approval of  credit transfer for courses in Swedish or English language or culture, various sports or artistic subjects.

  • The pre-approval of credit transefer is given on the basis of an overall assessment.
  • Courses passed abroad are credited as "Passed".

Students wishing to study a full semester stay at another Danish educational institution, should be aware of the Academic Study Board’s high demands of equivalence in academic content, level and scope, measured in ECTS points, of the courses to be transferred as compared with the courses on your study programme.

The mark can only be transferred in cases of one-to-one merits, where the courses have identical content and scope. In other words, credits cannot be transferred with a mark if two or more courses are to be transferred to one course. In all other cases, the course is transferred as "Passed".

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Last Updated 14.08.2023