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Special exam conditions

Some students need special exam conditions to be able to participate in exams on an equal footing with other students.
If you

  • have a mental disability
  • have a physical disability
  • want to attend an exam within 2 months of giving birth,

the study board can compensate you for this by granting, for example, extended duration of written examinations, extended preparation time for oral examinations with specified preparation time, aids such as CD-ORD, headphones and / or setting up a screen around your place (in written examinations). The permission to use aids does not, as a basic rule, include the permission for using speech-to-text for dyslectic students.

It is important that your special examination conditions do not lead to a change in the academic level of the exam, or that the course's learning goals are not met.

If you have a chronic disability, and the Board of Studies considers that special examination conditions are necessary to equate you with others in the examination situation, the dispensation will apply to your entire study programme. This means that you only have to apply for a dispensation once during the programme. If you have been given special examination conditions for your BSc or BEng programme, you must be aware that you must apply for a new dispensation if you start a master's programme.

Time limited dispensations for special examination conditions have a clear validity period.

You find the application form for special examination conditions at -> Study Board -> Dispensation -> TECH Application for special examination conditions. 

You must have applied for special examination conditions no later than 1 October for held in the winter examination period, and by 1 March for exams held in the summer examination period. If you apply later, the possible approval of special examination conditions is  with the caveat that it may not be practically possible to offer the special conditions with such a short notice.

Relevant documentation for the disability, e.g. SPS statement on support needs must be attatched, eg. a medical certificate officially translated into Danish or English . If you have been in contact with the SPS at SDU, you can allow the  Secretariat of the Academic Study Board to obtain your SPS-certificate.

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Last Updated 14.08.2023