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MakerSpace is located in Videnbyen in Odense. Here students from SDU have the possibility of exploring their creative minds and create innovative prototypes for their startups, school project or even hobby projects.



We have a workspace with different tools that gives you the opportunity to create prototypes and explore new materials, methods and machines. Our computers are equipped with 3D drawing programs and graphic programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. We have sewing machines, thread and needle for sewing activities. All the tools are free to use in MakerSpace.



In our  machine rooms, we have 5 3D printers (Ultimakers 2+, 3, S3 and S5) and a laser cutter, which can laser cut and engrave wood, cardboard, and acrylics. Likewise, we have a vacuum former (Mayku Formbox), where you, for instance, can create molds and packaging. Last but not least we have an electrician corner, where, amongst other things, you can solder.

In the graphical room, you can print big posters on our plotter. You can also use our vinyl cutter for making wall stickers or vinyl cutouts for textiles. Using Silhouette Cameo, you can also cut thin materials such as paper, textiles, cardboard, leather or thin metal foil. Also, you will find a laminating machine, big paper cutter, cutting mat and knifes.

Last but not least we have a photo studio, where you can take pictures of products and persons. 


How do I get access?

Most importantly you must be a student at SDU or be a part of a startup in SDU Entrepreneurship Labs. If so, you can get access to all our facilities as soon as you have been through our workshop courses. You get access through your student card, which we will make sure to recode as soon as you have passed the course. 

We have two courses: “3D-printing” and “Laser- and vinyl cutting”. The courses are free of charge and provided most weeks. Please find the dates here.  

When you have access to MakerSpace and want to use the machines, you need to book it through our booking system. Please see the posters at each machine for more information. 


MakerSpace FAQ

In MakerSpace it´s up to you, which projects you want to work on! However, if you want to use our materials, its required that your project is study relevant or in relation to your startup. Obviously, it’s okay to do practice on the machines before you make a big prototype. 
Our advice is to always make a mock-up first, using form clay, cardboard, LEGO etc. to check for size and form. In this way, you make sure not to spend time and resources on 3D printing or laser cutting something, which is not useable afterwards. 

Materials in the rooms are for free. However, please be reasonable. If you need more than 1 roll of filament, 3 wooden boards and/or 1 m foil, please buy the material yourself. This goes for private projects as well. 

If we are out of materials or if there are new materials you would like, please go to our student helpers in the manned opening hours or contact Malene Tofveson Nibe on We will then decide if your wish can be accommodated. 

We buy the filament for our 3D-printers here.
Wooden boards are bought here
Acrylic plates in various different colors are bought here.
When developing a product, the prototype will hardly ever be right the first time. Meaning, do some testing on your prototype and create a new, better version. It’s always okay to make more versions of your prototype in MakerSpace, however, as soon as you are ready to produce, you need to find a suitable place outside MakerSpace. Let us know if you need help with contacts for suppliers or production facilities. 

It’s rather unique possibilities you have in MakerSpace! However, to give you all this, you must respect and follow the rules:

  • ALL machines and tools must stay in MakerSpace and are not supposed to leave the room at any time. The only exception is the camera when it’s booked in the system. If you need tools outside MakerSpace, we recommend the tool library.
  • No use of spray paint in MakerSpace!
  • No polishing of carbon fibers (nanoparticles can cause cancer)
  • Clean up your own mess! Tools in place, leftovers in the bin, cups etc. back where you took it!
  • Do not use the vacuum cleaner while polishing – use it afterwards to clean up after yourself.
  • Any doubts regarding use of the machines, please ask! Better once more than damaging a machine
  • If damaging something always tell us!

If you have any questions or need some sparring or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.  
We have manned hours:

Monday: 9-13
Wednesday: 8-12
Thursday: 9-13
Friday: 9-13

Please always feel free to contact Malene who is the Manager of MakerSpace: 

Phone: +45 93507548.


SDU RIO University of Southern Denmark

  • Campusvej 55
  • Odense M - DK-5230

Last Updated 07.02.2024