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Other offers for students

Besides our programs and events, SDU Entrepreneurship Labs have a wide range of offers that will help you and your startup to keep progressing. We’re always ready to assist you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Below you can read more about offers.

Additional offers

In need of a 3D-prototype, commercial posters or equipment for your next photoshoot? We got it.

MakerLab is our creative space, located in Pakhuset in Kolding. Here students from SDU have the possibility of exploring their creative minds and create innovative prototypes.

We have a workspace with different tools and tables, where you can create and play. Furthermore, we have computers with different 3D drawing programs and graphic programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. Want to know more about Makerspace and how to get access? Contact our manager for MakerLab Flemming Bech Thoeisen at or by phone +45 6550 8205

A team of law-students is available to answer any law-related questions and/or issues from startups. If you want to know more, please contact Pascal Gyldenberg at

When entering Startup Station, a primary business developer will be appointed to you. You will meet at least once a month, where you can spar on themes such as your user research processes, your go-to-market strategy, your product development process, your team development and recruitment processes and so on. The business development meetings will be tailored to you and your startups’ needs.

Want to know more please contact Jens Martinus Pedersen at or by phone +45 6550 2279

As a part of the SDU Entrepreneurship Labs Accelerator program, we offer our strongest startup teams a mentor program, in collaboration with corporate partners. 

The mentor program runs for 6 months, from January till June, every year, following our Accelerator startup teams. Our mentors offer support for startups entering the growth stage, with a special focus on strategy, valuation, and internationalization. 

We are always interested in partnering up with professionals, who are interested in supporting our startups. It is important that you as a mentor have a solid knowledge of - and experience from - scaling businesses, and of course that you are able and willing to put in the time for:

  • 4 meetings with your mentee-startup, over a period of 6 months
  • 2 network meetings with your fellow mentors, over a period of 6 months

Interested in hearing more about our Mentor Program, contact Jens Martinus Pedersen at

To help your startup grow and learn about a specific theme together with peers, we continuously arrange workshops.

These are divided into two categories:

  • First, we arrange workshops about themes we know will be relevant to a lot of startups at a given phase of their development process. This can be themes such as:
    •  Market analysis
    • Sales
    • Public funding
    • User testing
    • Forecasting/budgeting
  • Second, we also arrange specific workshops, when you and your co-startups in our environment flag a specific need. Then we team up with an outside expert, who can enlighten us all.

For some startups funding upfront is essential, since they need time and money for development and therefore cannot go out and sell their product right away.
In these cases, our business developer with a specific focus on funding will help you develop your funding plan. He will teach you if, when and how you are going to apply for funding such as public funding, family and friends funding, investor funding, etc.
He will also help you in the application process, helping you select the right fundings/investors and how to apply for them.

We also host a public fund called Møllerens Fond, only accessible for startups in our environment. Read more here.

Iif you want to know, if funding is relevant to you at your startups’ current phase, you are always more than welcome to contact Thomas Bernhard Kjaergaard  or by phone +45 6550 4813.



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