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Map your competences

You’ve probably heard the word “competences” in some shape or form. But what does it mean? And how do you identify your distinctive skills? It’s completely normal to be unsure how to answer these questions – not only as a new student, but also as a new graduate. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you with how you identify and assess your competences.


Why work with your competences?

Employers hire people who are able to communicate and apply their competences. When applying for jobs, it’s important that you can explain what you’ve gained from your life, your education and from previous work.


We know that one of the essential future job market trends is the ability to collaborate and work with people from different professional backgrounds. This along with the ability to solve complex tasks will be highly sought after. This is why we highly recommend that you continuously work with your competences.


Get an overview of your competences with Learner for Life

We have created a tool called Learner for Life. It is a competency model that you can use to map out all your competences in writing, so you’re better equipped to explain them to a potential employer. We have made a detailed introduction and a guide on how to use the model in the form of an e-book (below). At the bottom of this page, you can also download the model and the exercises that are found in the e-book.

Map Your Competences with Learner for Life
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Last Updated 07.02.2024