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Exam Schedule

Find your exam schedule here and stay updated un any changes in Digital Exam.

Exam schedules for the coming examination period are approved by the Academic Study Board at the start of May and December, respectively. Until then you can see the preliminary exam plans.

Timetable and Updates

Timetables for the exams will be announced in Itslearning. 

Please remember to check the full exam schedule given that some exams take place over several days. Note that an exam may consist of several different exam elements and forms of examination. Check the course description for information concerning the individual exam.

An overview of your exams is announced in Digital Exam. You will receive a notification on your student email when an exam is made visible for you.

Please remember to show up early for the exam.

Exam Information

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Are you ill and have an exam coming?

Follow up on the SDU regulations on what to do.

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Cheating in Exams

If you cheat in exams - you're cheating yourself. Don't do it.

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Last Updated 14.08.2023