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The use of generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) in the engineering programmes

These guidelines may be adjusted with effect from the start of a new semester.

Generative AI in teaching and learning

Generative AI, including ChatGPT, may be useful in connection with your learning, for example for

  • reading over and giving feedback on text/language
  • structuring ideas and content
  • summing up large amounts of information

As with other sources or aids used in connection with assignments in your engineering programme, it is important that you follow the rules for good academic practice, so there can be no doubt as to who is the originator of the output. Thus, if you use e.g. ChatGPT in connection with an assignment, you must state where and how it was used.

In certain courses or for certain assignments, your teacher may ask you not to use generative AI / ChatGPT in cases where the use thereof may inhibit the learning process.

Generative AI / ChatGPT and confidentiality

You need to be aware that any information which you entered into e.g. ChatGPT are not treated confidentially, and that generative AI may share the information which you have entered, with others. This calls for special attention if your work includes collaboration with businesses and/or research. It is your responsibility to only enter information which are public or can be made public. SDU can not be held responsible for your use of generative AI.

Since ChatGPT for data treatment reasons is not centrally approved by SDU, your teacher cannot require you to use it in connection with a course. But it is ok to recommend it.

Generative AI and exams: Written on-campus exams, home assignments and projects

The use of AI in connection with written on-campus exams at the Faculty of Engineering is prohibited. This also applies to written on-campus exams with all aids allowed.

The use of AI in connection with home assignments and projects, including final projects, at the Faculty of Engineering is allowed, if you follow good academic practice as described above.

Using generative AI in defiance of the above will be considered cheating.

Cheating in Exams

If you cheat in exams - you're cheating yourself. Don't do it.

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Last Updated 25.08.2023