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How to apply

You can read the instructions on and watch DSB’s video

Youth card (Ungdomskort)

The production time for a card is at least 14 days, so make sure to order yours well in advance.

A quicker option is to receive your card in a DSB app, which takes approx. 4 days.

You are entitled to an Ungdomskort during your period of education if you have a maximum of 3½ hours of public transport each way, and you must always approve the period in ‘My Youth Card’ (Danish: ‘Mit Ungdomskort’). This also applies when applying for a cash discount.

You must order your Ungdomskort for your place of study, SDU – which is your primary place of study. You are automatically approved via the site and the SU Office does not have to approve your application.

Your regular Ungdomskort entitles you to use all means of public transport in your own tariff area. See the different tariff areas on DSB’s website.

You must have purchased and paid for a card for your primary travel route or your tariff area, and only then can you order a secondary card for your internship/other teaching site.

You can apply for a secondary card no sooner than the month before you need it. The period of validity on your secondary card must not exceed the period you paid for on your primary route.

When applying for your secondary card, you must submit a pre-approval/internship agreement/similar to the SU team via SPOC

If you will be doing multiple internships, you can apply for all of them in one go by applying to a second, third and fourth internship location etc

You may apply for mileage allowance. See the conditions for receiving mileage allowance.

Last Updated 21.07.2021