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Additional grant portions

Additional grant portions If you are delayed in your studies due to illness, study related council work or special circumstances, then you can apply for additional grant portions.

It is crucial that you have received SU while the delay occurred. 

Additional grant portions

You apply for extra grant portions via - minSU - Søg SU - Tillægsklip
You must send the receipt page from minSU along with documentation and a personal statement to the SU Office at SDU via SPOC

The personal statement 

The personal statement should state in your own words how the illness/special circumstances/council work has affected your study activities. You are asked to state clearly, which courses you have not passed (course name and ECTS) in certain semesters.
If you got delayed in your thesis, enclose documentation about your delay, e.g. in form of a new or revised thesis contract.


If illness has caused your delay, you must attach a statement (from a doctor/psychiatrist) explicit stating the period you have not been able to study, on the same terms as earlier, due to your illness.

A statement alone from a psychologist is not valid, it must always be supplemented with a doctor’s note.

If dyslexia has caused your delay, you must apply for extra grant portions based on “special circumstances”.

In addition to the receipt page from minSU, you must attach documentation for your diagnosis of dyslexia to your application, when sending it to the SU Office via SPOC.

You can solely apply for an already finished semester (after each examination period, including re-examination period), not an upcoming semester.

At the same time, SDU’s system (STADS) must state that you have not attended the examination or passed the courses in question.

We estimate the extent of the delay based on a standard of 30 ECTS per semester.If you get delayed with your final thesis, you can apply once you can document the delay.

Please state your phone number to give us the chance to contact you if we need further information.

The expected processing time is approximately 3-5 weeks.

Your application including enclosures must be sent via SPOC.

Both layout and content of a doctor’s note are vital in terms of your chances to be eligible for extra grant portions.

You should be aware of the following:

  • The doctor’s note must state clearly that you have been ill and that you, due to your illness, have not been able to maintain your study activities during a specific period.
  • It is not enough to use terms like ”problematic health conditions”, ”mental health problems” or the alike. The note should state that you have been ”ill”, have/have had a ”disease”.
  • The note must clearly state the period you have been ill.

NOTE! The University does not cover any costs which might occur to get this documentation

Application for Additional grant portion

You must send the receipt page from minSU along documentation on SPOC

Last Updated 23.07.2021