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Principles for reliable and valid exams

We at SDU would like to be known for offering high-quality education and ensuring that our exams are credible. When students receive a diploma from SDU, it should be a strong proof of the skills students have acquired during their education at SDU.

As part of students' work to ensure the quality of our programs, we are constantly focused on ensuring that our exams provide a fair and reliable representation of what you have learned. We do this by ensuring that the evaluation of exams is of high quality and by making sure that everyone adheres to the rules of exam administration.

To ensure this, at SDU, we have a clear system where our staff knows their rights and responsibilities if there is suspicion that an exam has not been conducted correctly. There are also clear consequences for students who do not comply with the rules during exams. This means that we sanction students who break the rules, even the first time it is discovered. All violations of the rules are penalized as it affects the proper evaluation of the exam, regardless of whether the violation was intentional or not.

At SDU, we have different types of exams with different rules. We have oral and written exams that can either be held on the university campus or as take-home assignments. Students can find more information about the specific rules that apply to exams on MySDU.

We also ensure that our exams adapt to technological advancements while preventing the misuse of technology to achieve a better grade than your actual ability. We use electronic monitoring systems during exams and anti-plagiarism systems that automatically check all submitted exam responses. We are aware of the progress and challenges that the technological world brings in terms of exam administration, so our process is always in line with reality.

By focusing on a smooth process for handling exam cheating, clear guidelines for our staff when there are suspicions of rule violations, and sanctions for violating our disciplinary rules right from the first instance, we at SDU have developed a process that helps prevent and detect exam cheating. This ensures that our diplomas remain credible.

Last Updated 27.06.2022