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How do I communicate with SDU?

It is important that you always use your SDU student email or other official ways (SPOC or itslearning) to communicate with your lecturer, supervisor or other people employed at SDU. In this way, SDU can verify that you – as a student – are the sender. Your SDU student email is encrypted internally at SDU, so that you can send and receive sensitive and confidential personal information securely to and from people with an SDU email address.

Also, always consider whether you can refrain from sharing sensitive personal information via these channels. If you are prevented from coming to class the next day, prevented from handing in an assignment in time or something else, write just that – and do not go into details about being ill, what illness you have, the time horizon for your illness, etc. 

If you need to contact SDU about something specific, the contact information of the individual persons can be found different places on 

Last Updated 10.09.2021