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Exam anxiety

Exam anxiety is attributable to many things: fear about performance, perfectionism, problems with the subject, personal problems, or something entirely different. And there is no explanation why some students think it’s child’s play to sit an exam while others think it’s terrifying.

The great majority of students will be nervous before an exam. But the nervousness is moderate, and it may even be an advantage as it sharpens our attention. Other students have more serious anxiety problems about exams.

Who can help?
Helpful information on exam anxiety is available on the Danish Student Counsellor’s website. If you experience problems of some form with exams, you can contact the student counsellors Vejledningscentret (the SDU Counselling Centre, this page is in Danish only) or inquire at Studenterrådgivningen (Student CounsellingService, this page is in Danish only), which can give you the skills to overcome exam anxiety.

Last Updated 07.02.2024