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How to apply for at dispensation

How to make a dispensation application differs from study to study. It is therefore important that you look at your study's webpage and follow the procedures described there.

If you have questions about your options for obtaining a dispensation, contact a counsellor at your study or your study board. The general study counselling can also help you find the right people to talk to. 

What is important to include in a dispensation application?

In your dispensation application, you typically need to explain:

  • how the circumstances prevents you from meeting the requirement you are seeking dispensation from
  • when the circumstances took place
  • documentation of the circumstances

The how, when  and documentation

The extraordinary circumstances must have been of decisive importance for the need for you to apply for a dispensation. That is, there must be a direct causal link between the extraordinary circumstances and what you are applying for. This means i.a. that the circumstances should have a temporal location so that it has prevented you from following the rule you have been having trouble with.

It must be possible to document the extraordinary circumstances. Eg. with a medical certificate, a birth certificate, a death certificate or the like. Read more about the medical certificate.

All dispensation cases are individual

It is important that you are aware that all decisions on dispensation made by a study board or other authority at SDU are based on an individual assessment of the individual student's dispensation application. It is therefore not possible to set precise criteria for what it takes for an exemption application to be granted.

Last Updated 07.02.2024