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Print and copy

You can read more about printing and copying options:

Prices for one print or copy is:

  • A A4 is 1 SDU$ (one click). Black and white as well as in colour, regardless of whether you use duplex or not
  • A A3 is 1 SDU $ (one click) at the multifunction card machines. Black and white as well as in colour, regardless of whether you use duplex or not
  • A A3 print is 2 SDU$ (two clicks) at HP printers
  • 65 SDU$ per m2 plot

Scanning is free

The current rate is: 1 SDU$ = DKK 0.35. 

To check your print account, swipe your card in a MFP and select "Profile".

To receive a report of your latest activities, send a mail without subject (empty subject field) to from your SDU-mail account.

Once you have used your credits, you'll need to add credits to your print account.

You can do so by paying on-line with your credit card. To use this service, you must use your domain\username, for instance sdu\ajax99.

Click here to check your print balance or add credits

The page wil open in a new browser-window

PLEASE NOTE that SDU will not refund any credits!

You have the following printing options:

1. Print from your Smartphone or your Laptop
Send an email to in which you attach the documents you want to print.

However, you must register an alternative email address by logging on to and select "MyProfile" in the menu at the top right.
The first time you use print via email, it is necessary to send the job twice!

Mail must not exceed 20 MB.

After registration, you can go to any multifunction card machine and print.

2. Upload your documents:
Go to and upload your documents. 

Please note that you can only access Upload when you are on at SDU network.

At the moment you can upload the following file formats:

  • Microsoft Office documents
  • Open Office documents
  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • BMP

3. Driver print (IPPprint):
At - click on the "Install Printer" button.
ATTENTION! This will not work on an SDU controlled Windows PC and from devices not connected to the SDU's internal network.
Print from mac IPP will ask for a username/password and here an sdu-mail address must be used as username and the corresponding password.

4. Print from desktop computers on SDU:
All desktop computers are connected to a printer or a MFP. If there is money in your print and copy account you can print from these printers or Multi Function Printers

User's Manual to the multifunction card machines (PDF)

Video guides:
Get started with the multifuncion card machines

Most used functions

Booklet scan ( scan multiple documents into one file)

What is SPrint?

SPrint makes it possible to download your print from any machine with your student card. You send an email to where you have attached your documents. You can send mail from all mail accounts - also gmail.
The advantage is that you can:

  1. print multiple print jobs at the same time and at the same time be sure that they are not mixed with other people's documents
  2. choose another machine and have your printout printed there - if there is a queue at a machine
  3. prevent your print jobs from "disappearing" if the printer is out of order
  4. protect nature and the environment, as uncollected print jobs are deleted after 72 hours
  5. use your smartphone or tablet to print from

Please note that uncollected print jobs will be deleted after 72 hours and that SDU will NOT refund money for excess prints and copies upon termination or completion of study.

Do you have problems with your student card not working on the multimachines? Write an email to

Is the machine not working? Are there paper jams? Then contact 65502990 or

Graphic Center

SDU's in-house printing company delivers all kinds of printed matter to the units and students at SDU.

Grafisk Center

SDUs in-house digital printing office.

Go to Grafisk Center

Last Updated 07.02.2024