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Help and Guidance

Code of good online conduct


  • Respect other people’s right to have an opinion even though you might not share it.
  • Insulting, condescending or abusive words will not be tolerated. Debate and discussion are welcome as long as you stick to the case and do not attack the person.
  • How will other people perceive what you are writing online? If you think that something can be misunderstood, it is generally best not to write it at all. If you would like to communicate something to your lecturer or to a fellow student that you think is not fit for full publicity, then write a personal e-mail instead.

All in all, virtual learning environments are good places to share ideas and to support each other. Be happy that the posts you write can contribute to giving yourself and your fellow students a great learning experience.

Posts that do not adhere to the guidelines above may be removed.

Advice on keeping up to date

The notification system in Blackboard will let you know when new information, materials and activities are available in your different courses. A red box will appear in the top, right hand corner of Blackboard – the Global Navigation menu - when something new has been added. From the Global Navigation menu you can click and access the new element.

Last Updated 07.02.2024