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Examination irregularities (cheating at an exam)

If you get a better grade by cheating, this devalues both your and your fellow students' diplomas, and you also cheat yourself. At SDU, we protect the credibility of our diplomas, and cheating at exams is therefore considered an unacceptable act. 

Regarding the use of artificial intelligence

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An examination irregularity is sanctioned according to the disciplinary rules (please note; this is a translation - the Danish version has legal precedence).

If you do not comply with the rules for the exam in question, this is considered an examination irregularity, which may also be referred to as cheating at an exam, irregardless of whether the rules have been violated intentionally or unintentionally.
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In case of suspicion of an examination irregularities, the case will be forwarded to your Head of Studies, who can report the case to the Dean of your programme. Before a decision will be made, you will receive the case materials prior to the consultation of the parties, which is a meeting where you will have the opportunity to comment on the case.
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If SDU assesses that you have not complied with the rules for an exam, you will be given a sanction, ranging from a warning to a temporary or permanent expulsion from SDU. In addition, you will have to take the exam in the subject in question again, and you will have used an examination attempt.
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It is solely your responsibility to keep yourself informed about the exam and the specific rules for the individual subjects. The university assumes that you as a student can work independently and have familiarized yourself with the rules of good academic practice as well as the applicable rules for the exam in question. 
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Exams and the student's final diploma must be an indisputable proof of the student's competencies acquired at SDU. Below you can read more about the principles SDU works with to ensure that students do not take exams in a fraudulent manner. 
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You can contact Educational Law & Registration if you have any questions about the rules described above. You can do this via or on weekdays on phone nr. 6550 4470.


Last Updated 07.02.2024