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Activate your SDU-account

When you have ordered your student-ID, you can activate your SDU-account. If you have not yet ordered your Student-ID, you can order it here.

  1. Activate your SDU-account here
  2. Choose 'Use the exam number and cpr number' (you have to use your temporary Danish CPR-number)
  3. After entering your exam- and CPR number, you can now create a new password. Please be aware og the passwords requirements shown on the page. Your password can't contain any part of your name and username
  4. Your SDU Account is now enabled
  5. Now sign in with your SDU Account and setup MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) You must sign in with your SDU-mail (
  6. Click on 'Next' to continue
  7. When setting up MFA, we recommend you to choose 'Mobile app'. 
  8. Install Microsoft Authenticator App  on your smartphone and ad your SDU-Account as a "Work or school account"
  9. Click on 'Next'
  10. Then approve in the app and click 'Next'
  11. Choose your country and type your phone number as an additional security verification 
  12. Choose 'Done'
  13. You have now completed the setup of MFA. Press the link to accept the guidelines. 
  14. Visit 'Rules for IT usage at University of Southern Denmark'
  15. Login with exam number and temporary CPR number 
  16. Read the IT-guidelines and press 'I accept'
  17. On this page you will find information about your SDU Account 
  18. Log out, and your SDU Account is ready for use
  19. You can now go to SDU ITs facilities here

If you are experiencing problems with activating your account, please wait 24 hours after you have ordered your Student-ID and try again. Are you still having some challenges, please contact our service desk  on mail 


Last Updated 07.02.2024