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Code of equal access and equal opportunities for students at SDU

October 2019

Code of equal access and equal opportunities for students at SDU (disability policy)

Based on the Disability Convention, SDU's strategic story and SDU's work on the UN's global goals, SDU will ensure improved access to and opportunities for education.

SDU sets common goals, taking into account individual needs in all significant new initiatives, decisions and changes concerning the university.

We want to ensure equal access to education and promote everyone's opportunity for learning:

We focus on the students' learning, service and study environment. The focus is on both social and academic needs of the students throughout their entire studies. We put the students at the center of the development of new teaching and learning environments with the aim of increasing the satisfaction of students at the university and their experience of SDU, strengthening their academic output and ensuring equal access to, a better framework for and more quality in education.

Existing rules and internal guidelines for SDU are prepared and revised, taking into account the specific needs and opportunities of special groups and focusing on the whole. It is the responsibility of each entity to take individual specific considerations into account in the above values when adopting and revising rules and guidelines.

More information about opportunities, rights and current guidelines for students with special needs at SDU can be found at the SPS unit located in Studentservices. The unit assists with counselling and help regarding special needs.

We will promote the development of inclusive, secure and sustainable frameworks at SDU:

The University will strengthen the physical accessibility and interior design and ensure the best possible access in connection with new construction and renovations. We work with the development of new environments that support both the individual's learning and the opportunities for an active and participatory study life.

SDU emphasizes sustainability, health and well-being and will strengthen the utilization and use of the university's outdoor areas, with a view to promoting physically accessible, well-being and health for all.

We will ensure accessible and accurate information for all University users:

The information on the university's web pages must be in accordance with current guidelines and it is constantly being tested that the usability lives up to the university's goals and ensures that as many people as possible can use SDU's web sites: and

Laws and Decrees on Legal Information:

Statutory Order on special educational support for higher education

Executive Order on Special Educational Support for Higher Education (SPS Executive Order)

Last Updated 07.02.2024