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Data protection in assignments

Here you can find more information about what considerations you need to make when writing assignments containing personal data in connection with your studies. Data protection considerations are key skills to possess – and these skills are not only useful during your studies, but also when you enter the labour market. 

SDU has prepared a decision tree that you will use as a ‘guide’ in the initial phase of working on a specific assignment. You can click through the decision tree below and view the overall decision tree here. If any doubts arise along the way, please contact your lecturer/supervisor. 

Be aware of  any local guidelines you must follow (for example students at Department of Public Health and National Institute of Public Health). Talk to your supervisor. 

Independent assignments and collaboration with companies

Here you will find the definition and examples of independent assignments and what to consider when you collaborate with companies

Independent assignments

What is personal data?

Here you can find more information about and examples of personal data

What is personal data?

Data responsibility

Read more about data responsibility

Data responsibility

Last Updated 07.02.2024