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What personal data does SDU collect and keep in itslearning?

itslearning retrieve some personal data via data-integrations with other SDU systems: 

  • Name, e-mail address
  • Participation in Courses at itslearning

In addition, other data is generated and kept during your participation in learning activities: 

  • Grades and feedback on submitted assignments
  • Registration of activity in itslearning, with date and time (incl. log in, view/download of files/video, participation in discussion fora, submit of assignments, submit of digital tests etc.)

itslearning also contain the personal data that you have uploaded yourself:

  • Posts in discussion boards, files with text/video/images etc.
  • The messages you write in the message system are kept as long as SDU has itslearning. You do not have permissions to delete them. Be aware that you use messages in itslearning for professional communication, no need to post personal data here. 

Be aware that you, in general, are responsible for the data you upload. If you upload text, images or video with other persons, you must get a permission from them. 

Purpose of processing your data
SDU keep and process your data in order to support teaching and/or exam at SDU, including your active participation in learning activities.
Log data is processed in order to be able to maintain data security and GDPR-compliance.

The legal basis for processing your data
The data processing is done according to GDPR art. 6, stk. 1, litra e. 

How does SDU process your data
SDU is responsible for processing your personal data and keep them confidential, according to the rules in force. The data will be used for the purposes that are described above exclusively, and will not be available for unauthorized persons. 

Your data will be deleted or anonymized when we no longer need to keep them in a personally identifiable form. Courses, incl. all content, are deleted after 3,5 years. Logdata are deleted after 6 months. Exam assignments are deleted after 5 years. 

Additional information
If you have questions on how your data is kept in itslearning you are welcome to contact Lise Petersen

If you have questions on data protection and your rights you are welcome to contact SDU's Data Protection Officer, Simon Kamber, phone 6550 3906 or

If you wish to make a complaint about the processing of your data, you can contact Datatilsynet via

Last Updated 13.02.2024